On the Tail of the Wyvern

Watered Down Ale By The Water

And so it begins....


Your adventure begins on the East banks of the Wyvrenflow River in the city of Wheloon. After a long and dangerous journey you have sought out a warm meal and a soft bed in a small river side inn known as The Merry Pilgrim. Not much merry is to be found here though as the pub is packed with disheveled refugees as well as overworked dockhands and the feeling of desperation and exhaustion is palatable. Sitting around you at the common table are three other obvious outsiders, their equipment and demeanor making them stand out from the crowd. After a few rounds of the local ale a conversation has started between the four of you, each of you sharing your stories with greater ease as the ale begins to soak in. While the memory of just who suggested traveling together has been washed away in a wave of cheap booze,  you awake knowing your life is soon to change. From here the adventure is yours to find…. 



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