The bustling city of Wheloon  straddles the two most important trade routes in eastern Eshirie. Merchant caravans traveling to Rafgow pass through each day along the Way of the Manticore, and ships from ports all over the Gods Sea sail up the Wyvernflow to unload their goods at Wheloon or pass on into the heart of Eshirie. The rumble of wagon wheels, grunting of laborers, and the hollering of dock hands fills the air for much of the day and long into the night.

Lacking town walls or natural barriers, Wheloon sprawls outward on both sides of the Wyvernflow. Its winding and labyrinthine streets follow the hilly terrain and the whimsy of builders, rather than any real plan. Although the historical center of town is on the west bank of the Wyvernflow, the east bank has been built up steadily over the years, particularly due to the influx of refugees from the invasion of Erullas in the south.

Vibrant green roofs cap most of Wheloon’s businesses and homes, and the green slate has earned the city the nickname of “Jade Towers.” The characteristic color of the buildings’ roofs come from the stone drawn from Eshirie's largest quarry, which lies not far to the north. The stone is dark green when cut but brightens with exposure to the sun.

Few buildings in Wheloon stand out as particularly glorious or shabby. Whether their homes are crafted from wood, wattle, or stone, residents of Wheloon tend to take pride in them and can often be found at work on them. Many permanent residents of the city have a home that serves double duty as a place of business, and because much of the population works to craft goods, a workshop often also serves as bedroom and kitchen.

The impression one gets walking through Wheloon is of an industrious and prosperous place. Folk always seem to be about their own business, dodging past the drovers and merchant caravans, and hustling to and fro. Few earn riches in Wheloon, but many who work hard make a good life for themselves and have just enough time and money to enjoy those lives.

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